The Nicholas Danby Trust
Ophelia Amar: 2021 Scholarship
Ophelia, who is French and British, has been living in France and studying with Éric Lebrun at the Conservatoire de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés. She is coming to the Royal Academy of Music in September to study for a Master's Degree with David Titterington and Bine Bryndorf. Ophelia has formerly studied at the Sorbonne and at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. She has experience as a concert performer, recording artist and church organist. In addition to her studies she looks forward to joining her extended family in England.

Jas Hutchinson-Bazely: 2018 Scholarship
Jas, from Lincolnshire, has been awarded the Scholarship to enable his Master's course study with Pieter van Dijk at the Amsterdam Conservatorium. He completed the Pre-Master's course programme in Amsterdam earlier in 2018.

Andrzej Malitowski: 2017 Scholarship
Andrzej, from Poland, was awarded the Scholarship for post-graduate organ study at the Royal Academy of Music with David Titterington. 2018 update: Andrzej is being supported by the NDT for a further year at RAM, in order to take the Advanced Performance Diploma.

Jeremiah Stephenson: 2015–2017
The Trustees made a discretionary award for post-graduate conservatoire study with Professor Michel Bouvard in Toulouse.

Freddie James: 2015–2017 Scholarship
This grant will enable Freddie to undertake the Solo Organist Performer's Course with Professor Ludger Lohmann at the Musikhochschule, Stuttgart.

Max James: 2014 Bursary
This award was for a year's foundation course in Toulouse with Professor Michel Bouvard. Max is currently an Organ Scholar at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.

Richard Gowers: 2013 Bursary
The third recipient of the Nicholas Danby Bursary was Richard Gowers, who was then a music scholar at Eton College. The grant enabled him to study at the Mendelssohn Conservatoire in Leipzig for a year before returning to the UK to commence university, where he was an Organ Scholar at King's College, Cambridge.

Domenico Gioffre: 2012 Bursary
The second recipient of the Nicholas Danby Bursary was from Sicily, and the grant helped support two years of study at the Royal College of Music in London.

Richard Brasier: 2011 Scholarship
This award was for Richard to undertake the two-year concert examination course with Johannes Geffert at the Cologne Musikhoschschule. Previously, Richard studied with Nicolas Kynaston at the Royal Academy of Music and was Organ Scholar at St Marylebone Parish Church. His website is:

Freddie James: 2009 Bursary
The Trustees had much pleasure in introducing their first bursary recipient, Freddie James, 18. Freddie had just left Westminster School, where he was a music scholar, and undertook a year's organ performance study with Professor Jacques van Oortmerssen at the Sweelinck Conservatorium, Amsterdam. The bursary enabled Freddie to undertake this course before he returned to commence his university studies as Organ Scholar at St John's College, Cambridge.

Christian Wilson: 2006 Scholarship
Christian Wilson was an undergraduate at Christ Church, Oxford, where he was Organ Scholar. As the third recipient of the Nicholas Danby Scholarship, he undertook the solo performers' course (the highest degree in music possible in Germany) studying under Jon Laukvik at the Musikhochschule in Stuttgart.

Petros Bakalakos: 2002 Scholarship
The second Nicholas Danby Scholarship was awarded to Petros Bakalakos of Greece, to enable him to undertake a two year postgraduate course in organ study with Professor Jon Laukvik at the Stuttgart Hochschule fur Musik. Petros came to England initially as a piano student at The Royal Academy of Music, London. Prior to this, he had had little opportunity to hear the organ and its repertoire, since the Greek Orthodox Church allows no instruments to be played in its liturgies; consequently there is very little indigenous organ culture in Greece. Petros subsequently became a first study organ student, his teachers being David Titterington and James O'Donnell. He was awarded various prizes and graduated from the RAM with first class honours.

Rafal Salamon: 1999 Scholarship
The first Nicholas Danby Scholarship was awarded to Rafal Salamon of Cracow, Poland. The 26 year old organist was a graduate of the Academy of Music in Cracow, where he studied under Professor Joachim Grubich. The Scholarship enabled him to complete his postgraduate organ study with Professor David Titterington at the Royal Academy of Music.
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